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September News at IBEW

Upgrade your toys!

As summer comes to a close this is a great time to fall into a new truck, RV or ATV.  The 2019 models will be hitting the dealer showrooms, which means this is a great time to get an amazing deal on 2018 or older models. Look to IBEW & United Workers FCU to finance that Truck, RV or ATV and we’ll help keep your monthly payments affordable with our low rates.  Check out our website and contact one of our relationship officers today to get pre-approved before you shop.

ATM Machines Friend or Foe

ATMs make it easy to access your funds and get cash when you are out and about 24/7.  Unfortunately, fraudsters have figured out how to capture your card number and pin through a technique called skimming.  Skimming is one of the latest scams out there and happens when you use your ATM or Debit card.  We have noticed and increase of fraud on CardTronics ATM machines.  These are standalone ATM machines that make it easier for the fraudsters to install their skimming devices.  We encourage you to locate a surcharge free CO-OP ATM machine when possible.  Visit our website to find a CO-OP ATM near you at

You work hard for your money and we have some tips to share in order to help lower your risk of being skimmed:
  • Inspect the card reader – nothing should be loose or detached from the ATM machine.
  • Cover your pin when entering it in.
  • Use ATMs that you are familiar with – you most likely will notice if something is not right.
  • Notice if there is visible damage to the ATM.
  • Try to avoid ATMs that are secluded or not visible by those passing by.
Holiday Closures

Labor Day, September 3
Columbus Day, October 8
Veterans Day, November 12
Taking Out a Loan When Your Savings Fall Short
Should a personal loan cover your financial needs in an emergency?

Ideally, you would never need more money than your savings allow. However, a sudden problem such as a medical emergency or high credit card debt could place a demand on your finances beyond what your savings can handle. At this point, taking out a personal loan to cover the costs could be your best choice.

The Pros and Cons of Multiple Savings Accounts
Reach your financial goals faster by diversifying your savings

Depending on your spending and saving habits, having multiple accounts can make it easier to increase your savings. Explore the benefits and drawbacks to having multiple savings accounts to see if this option is right for you.

Back to School Lunch Ideas
Healthy school lunches that are easy to pack

As summer comes to an end and your kids get ready to stretch their minds again, you have to start planning lunch ideas to serve as fuel halfway through the day. These healthy and easy back to school lunch ideas ensure that you have one less thing to worry about as the school year begins.

Make Yardwork Fun This Autumn
Transform your outdoor chores into fun this fall

These tips should serve to make your autumn yardwork a bit more fun, which will help the tasks to fly by. With your to-do list including weeding, fertilizing, mulching, planting, trimming and preparing for winter, autumn is quite a busy season for yardwork.

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