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Lobby Not Open, yet, but We are Still Here for You

Our entire team is in the office ready to help you with all your banking needs during this unprecedented time.  You can give us a call or better yet, try our online services or over the phone. 

Most of our loans can be applied for online and, in most cases, approved the same day along with great service.  We have some AMAZING rates that can’t be beat.  Do you ever think, “Umm, I don’t think I would be able to get a loan for (fill in the blank).”  Well, reach out and ask…. we are different than the big banks.  We understand the Union Trades and how you could work for different businesses.  That is why we don’t ask how long you’ve been at your current employer, but how long have you been in the trade.  That can make a big difference.

Do you have one of our VISA credit cards?  No, well you should look to get one!  We have no annual fees on our Classic or Platinum cards.  Also, both cards earn a point for every dollar spent and that means you get to go shopping with your points in our dreampoints shopping mall…. how fun would that be?!  Also, with so many people shopping online these days, you are better protected shopping with our VISA credit card.  Sounds, like you should get one today.

We’ve been working hard to enhance your online experience.  Contact us to get the form to sign up for the much-awaited Account to Account transfer.  It works with online banking and the app.  Many of you have been asking for it and now you can have it.  We also have a way to private message you within the app and online banking under the Contact Us, check it out today.  It is also a good time to sign up for our e-statements.  You can view them online or in the app AND you will stop paying $2 a month for a paper statement.  Give us a call and well help you get this set up, you’ll be glad you did.

Are you looking for some different investment opportunities with some of your money that is on deposit?  Contact us and we can connect you with our financial advisor Bill Terry.  He can set up a conference call to talk about your needs and options that will work for you.

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Independence Day (observed)    July 3

Labor Day   September 7

Columbus Day   October 12

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