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Message from the Board

I am Rod Belisle, IBEW LU 48 Electrician, IBEW & UW FCU member and Board member serving as the Vice Chair.

I have been an IBEW member for 34 years and a Credit Union member for just as many. If you are new to the Credit Union, Welcome. If you are not, but have noticed changes, you are correct. “This is not your father’s credit union” as they used to say, although some of you may actually be able to say that with some accuracy. This credit union was developed by the union trades seeking a method to invest our union wages into a union ran, union managed financial institution that we could all trust, to invest our money, secure a loan and earn a few dollars in benefits, savings, and pride in our industry.

Our credit union has undergone a facelift in both services we provide and in overall operations. The board is made up of building trades members representing 7 different local union trades, and  4 of the 10 board members are in their first term of office reflecting the changes you have noticed in our operations and representing the voice of their memberships.

As a member, I have first-hand experience in recently purchasing a used RV and obtaining a loan during COVID-19 times. I was able to coordinate the pre-approval and logistics via phone and email, travel to the site of the RV in another state, make an inspection and test drive and then contact the CU, electronically sign the loan documents and authorize the transfer of funds in a turnaround time of about 4 hours, allowing me to drive it home within 24 hours of arranging the test drive.

That is a level of service, planning and cooperation I wouldn’t expect from a corporate bank. I encourage you to check us out, try out the app, and even buy an RV, Why Not?

From the Board, Management and Staff, we are wishing you and your families a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.


Holiday Closures

December 24, 2020                Christmas Eve
December 25, 2020                Christmas Day
January 1, 2021                     New Years Day
January 18, 2021                   Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday


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