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What’s this Charge on My Account?

Is this really a fraudulent transaction? Maybe or maybe not. If you see a charge you don’t recognize, you should call the credit union to see what to do. When you call, we will ask you a series of questions to help us decide the best course of action. If it is fraudulent, you will need to fill out a dispute form and file a police report. If it isn’t, we will guide you, as the scenarios do below. Some of the questions we may ask:
  • Has a charge posted to your account or do you only see the funds being held for a pending transaction? Charge posted – continue reading. Funds pending – to start a fraud process the charge needs to be posted on your account.
  • Have you Lost your card or Loaned your card out to a family member or friend? – Loaned out ask the person who you loaned it to about the unfamiliar charge(s). Lost – call credit union 503.253.8193. After hours? Lost VISA Credit Card call 800.528.2273
    Lost Debit Card call 800.682.6075. You can also manage your cards on our mobile app.
  • Have any charges on your account cleared from this merchant before? (Examples- pay shipping only trial and now you are getting charged? This is a merchant dispute – reach out to merchant/vendor to start the dispute process.
  • Have charges cleared your account, for a dollar amount you do recognize, but you do not recognize the merchant? Did you know some merchants/vendors have different business names? (Example – FRED MEYERS = KROGERS)
  • Have charges cleared your account that you do not recognize, but you have an affiliation with the merchant? Did you know that you are charged when your shipment has shipped? Your transaction could have many shipment days. – (Example, I ordered from Amazon and I purchase TWO items. One item ship that day, and another the next day. You will see TWO different charges on your account.)
  • Did you make an online purchase and received a different item? – contact the merchant to start dispute process.
If you are still unsure if you really have fraud. Please give us a call! 503.253.8193 option 5 or visit

Holiday Closures 2021

Washington’s Birthday                     February 15
Memorial Day                                 May 31
Independence Day (Observed)         July 5

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