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Increasing Branch Security

By: Barbara Mathey President/CEO, IBEW & United Workers Federal Credit Union

We are all being challenged in ways that we have never faced before. The homeless issue, increasing crime rates, and the lack of timely police response are major concerns. Your Credit Union takes your security and the security of our staff very seriously and we are always looking for ways to provide extra protection. We have enhanced our security camera system, reviewed the building's open hours, and are now taking the strongest step we can take by installing a card entry system. Designed to control branch entry, this system will require a Credit Union debit or credit card to unlock the branch entry door. By taking this action we will be able to admit Our Credit Union members only, lowering the chance of robbery or entry by unknown individuals. What this change means to our members are additional security and personalized service. We are recommending to all members that you check your Credit Union cards, verifying that they are current and not expired. If you need a new card, don’t wait, contact the Credit Union so you will be prepared when the new system goes live. For those members that prefer not to carry cards, we will still have the drive-thru open and in emergency situations, you will be able to call the Credit Union, answer a few questions to verify your identity and we will come to the door and let you in. We anticipate the system to be up and running in about 2 months. It is our wish that every member and team member feel just a little safer when coming into the Credit Union.

While we are talking about security, I thought I would remind everyone that fraud attempts are continuing to rise, and we need to be vigilant. Do not answer the phone unless you know who the caller is and never give out personal information of any kind to an incoming caller. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people coming and going around you and keep your personal property securely in your grasp. Review your account information and transactions daily and report any suspicious activity to the Credit Union immediately. And, finally, be careful when online, don’t respond to pop-up ads. Sign on to authentic websites and be sure that any information you are giving is secured.

We encourage everyone to use caution, exercise a little more care, and save your trust for those situations that truly deserve it.


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