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The Importance of Being Responsive to Member Feedback

By:  Barbara Mathey

Those of us at IBEW & United Workers Federal Credit Union understand our responsibility to our members.  We strive continuously to define and serve the needs of the membership.  As a smaller credit union, it is critical that everything we do is of value to the members that depend on us.  We acknowledge that sometimes we “get things wrong” and that adjustments need to be made.  Training has always been a critical issue, not only with new staff but with seasoned staff as well and we use any mistakes as opportunities for change and growth.  We encourage members to let us know if our service is not up to their standards so that we have the chance to make corrections and improve.  As a small, member-owned Credit Union we know the value of our member’s trust and our mission is to earn it.   

2022 has been another year of change and growth at the Credit Union.  Because of the willingness of our members to tell us what they need we have continued to focus on loans and make updates to our popular App.  The membership of the Credit Union continues to grow as our union groups bring in new members to the trades.  Our in-branch Contact Center grew in its ability to handle incoming calls to the point that they are now taking about 500 calls per day or over 12,000 calls per month.  More than 2480 of our members have downloaded our Credit Union App and are actively using it.  Members have embraced technology, and many have signed up to receive their statements by email and avoid the fee that is charged to cover the cost of a paper statement.  Members are truly appreciating our focus on loans and providing interest rates that are among the very lowest in the local marketplace and one of the easiest loan processes available, including the electronic signing of loan documents.  Even with the recent rising interest rates, we have kept our rates at the same level.  We know that increases in rates will eventually be necessary, but we plan to hold the line as long as we can.  We do encourage members to refinance higher rate loans and make planned purchases now, instead of waiting.

While we intend to focus on staff training and improved levels of service delivery, we have accumulated several programs to work on going forward:

  • The creation and implementation of “Pop-Up Branches”, where we will provide services on site. 
  • The introduction of new and improved VISA programs, easy to obtain and use.
  • Loan promotions will be planned and implemented continuously.  In addition, we will keep our rates at the very low end of the market and simplify the process as much as possible.
  • We will be working on and implementing easier ways to make online payments.
  • We will continuously listen to the suggestions of the members and make changes whenever needed.

We appreciate our members and the support you give us.  We apologize to anyone that has been disappointed in our service and we pledge to do better in the future.  Remember that we will listen and make whatever changes we need to make so be sure we offer effective, up to date services in an efficient and helpful way.

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