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By: Barbara Mathey

I believe that everyone would agree that we have and are facing the most challenging times that most of us have ever lived through. The pandemic, the economy, and even political issues are weighing on our minds daily. The reality is that everyone faces these same issues, and we are all trying to adjust. Those of us at the Credit Union are reviewing our services and making updates as needed. We listen to member and staff requests, do additional training, and are committed to the highest level of member service.

The staff of IBEW & United Workers Federal Credit Union are the most dedicated, determined team you will ever find, and they are always willing to help. Throughout the years of the pandemic, as essential workers, we were here for the membership and we provided all services through the drive-thru, over the phone, follow-up on online services, and service by appointment. We continue to do all that and, in addition, we have had the lobby open.

As most of you know, we have installed a card-reader entry system. We plan to activate the system as soon possible and at that time you will need to use either your active Credit Union Debit or VISA card to gain entry. If you do not have an active card, please contact us right away to have us order one for you. This is one way we can control access and provide additional security for the staff and membership.

Unfortunately, recently we have been reminded that even our membership can display behaviors that are inappropriate; behaviors that we cannot tolerate. As the leader of our team, I would like to share what I am referring to and ask for your support and understanding as we take steps to protect our staff, both physically and emotionally. While we acknowledge that we have a massively supportive and loyal membership, recently we have had a few members that have chosen to express their frustrations in angry, disrespectful ways. The last situation we encountered caused us to close our lobby and to trespass the member in perpetuity. This member appeared to be angry because he was having trouble explaining what he wanted to our staff. He made no attempt to be civil or kind and he threatened deadly harm to two of our staff members. None of his behavior was called for and it will not be tolerated. We will take threats and behavior such as this very seriously and will react immediately. Nobody is entitled to behave in this manner and we will refuse service when necessary.

There are many difficult things happening in our lives right now and it is time to bring back tolerance and kindness. The Credit Union is trying to help in any way we can by improving and updating our systems, making only small loan rate increases, and maintaining our position of having the lowest loan rates in the market. We have a few new services and products coming to keep our services current and relevant. We thank all our members for your support and loyalty and especially for your understanding and kindness. The statement “We are all in this together” has never been more accurate.


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