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2023, A Year of Opportunity

By: Barbara Mathey, President/CEO

We have just finished 2022 and as we head into 2023 with excitement and enthusiasm, we look back with gratitude on the year just passed.  We want to thank all our Credit Union members for a year of growth and success!  Without your loyalty and participation, we would not have achieved our goals for the year, and we would not be looking forward to the new year and the improvements and service additions we are planning. 

What plans are you making for 2023 and what can your Credit Union do to help you achieve your goals? Do your plans include making major purchases, improvements to your home, or saving money by refinancing current loans?  If so, we will have a loan portfolio that will likely have the perfect loan for you.  We all know that loan rates are on the rise and even though our rates have increased, we continue with our commitment to keep our rates as some of the lowest in the market.  We process our loans quickly and, in most cases, you will have an answer within a few hours.  You owe it to yourself to check with the Credit Union for any borrowing needs in 2023 and beyond.  Our most popular loans include new and used vehicle loans that we will provide a pre-approval that can be viewed by the dealership online or we can provide a printed copy.  We also participate in Credit Union Direct Lending so you can sign loan documents right at the dealer.  To make those desired home improvements we have several loan options to meet your needs so be sure to call the Credit Union for more information.  Finally, we have an excellent VISA program that has a very low interest rate and one of the best reward programs available and we offer the reward program on both of our VISA programs. 

Since we know that not all members need loans, we also provide additional services for the management of your money.  We introduced our Credit Union App a few years ago and have added and updated services available online.  Download the free App and take control of your finances easily and conveniently. 

For those members that need financial advice, the Credit Union has partnered with Bill Terry, a Financial Advisor with Money Concepts and over 20 years of experience.  Get help to maximize the value of your savings and plans for future retirement.

We look forward to 2023 and the opportunities it will provide.  Look for new and updated electronic services, the return of a certificate program, and VISA promotions. Keep checking our website for additional information and service opportunities as the year progresses.  We also encourage members to send us their suggestions for service additions and improvements.

We wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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