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By: Barbara Mathey

What lessons have you learned over the past few years? Those who have taken the time to think about it will usually acknowledge that they have learned to save time and energy by using technologies that they were never comfortable trying before.  At your Credit Union, we are identifying opportunities, enhancing current service delivery methods, and adding new products and services designed to provide safe and convenient ways to conduct financial business. 

Is this the time for you to evaluate how you use electronic services and if you don’t use them,  perhaps get started?  Taking action to improve is a true opportunity and we offer a few suggestions and cautions. 

Is added convenience through technology more important to you now? During the past few years, we have worked to introduce and enhance our online service offerings with programs that have built-in safeguards.  A few years ago, we introduced our App and we have worked continuously to update and improve the services available.  You are able to access the Loan Rate page to evaluate the rates available on all loan types.  If you determine that you wish to take advantage of some of the lowest rates on the market, you are able to apply online by accessing the online loan App.  In most cases, you can get an answer the same day or the day after if you are applying after business hours.  Other services are available through the app as well; transfer money from account to account both within the Credit Union and outside to other financial institutions with A2A.  You can sign up for remote deposit capture and deposit checks without coming to the branch, using your cell phone camera.  You can do just about any financial transaction electronically and can get cash from hundreds of ATMs throughout the country.

The online services we currently offer are only the beginning and in 2023 we plan to add “One Click” loan offers, which will enable us to make loan offers that you can easily take advantage of by “clicking once” for your acceptance.  We will introduce a Text option for messages and requests.  We plan to offer a “Payday Alternative” program which will give members the option to have access to cash prior to their payday if that should become necessary.  And, finally, we will be reviewing all new service offerings to determine what can be useful and easy for our members to use. 

We do have a caution to suggest and that is to watch out for fraud and scams!  With added convenience and electronic services, fraudsters have taken advantage of what they see as “easy money”. Fraud was a problem long before the increased electronic service usage and it will continue to be.  We recommend that since you will be following your accounts more closely by using electronic services that you pay closer attention to your accounts and that you report any unusual activity immediately.

Finally, the opportunities for making your financial life easier and more convenient are available to you through your Credit Union and we encourage you to use the services currently available and those that will come your way in the future.

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